With the new porcelain tableware Ocean, the design studio Wik & Walsøe hopes to inspire good dining experiences; sitting around the table for a long time and enjoying - and taking care of - nature's rich pantry.
The term ocean is infinity. It contains something big, something bigger than ourselves, something poetic, yet natural.


The term symbolizes the sea, the horizon and the galaxy, the beautiful we have long taken for granted, but as we understand today we must protect in order to preserve, every single day. Designer Linda Svedal Walsøe has taken the inspiration from this vast, endless, yet fragile environment that surrounds us - the land and the ocean we just have on loan, which we must take care of and pass on to the next generation.


Osean is a porcelain tableware meant for everyday use, and consists originally of seven pieces. However, together with Wik & Walsøe, we have put together this set of 2x five pieces, perfect for any occation.


Laden with favourite foods, this tableware series invites you to sample a little of a lot; to move away from the formal structure of fine dining and focus on the social aspect of gathering round a grazing table. Enjoy the moment, and stay a little longer.

Osean Horisont Set, by Wik & Walsøe

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